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Some days, you just must. In-N-Out. by Food Librarian on Flickr.



by jimmy



OP, bag: Angelic Pretty
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Mexican Cheeseburgers with Homemade Guacamole and Salsa recipe.

Get the recipe here » http://bit.ly/1lsuEfD



a really dumb straight-to-ink comic about how one really loud negative presence shouldn’t overpower all the positive presences in your life or something??? idk this is bad



Sanrio: My Melody and Kuromi:)

Pullip TOKIDOKI&HELLOKITTY Violetta (special version) 


Shantae the Half-Genie Hero by Elias1986



Sanrio: My Melody & Kuromi:)


The more meme/joke/parody/crossover worthy a show is, the more I enjoy it. Scientifically.

(Just gotta find some more Cave Story crossovers)

» Start your Semester off Right with these Helpful Tools


  1. Shmoop- This website is a treasure trove of literature summaries (helpful of course if you only read the actual book!) written in a readable way. Take this excerpt of a Hamlet summary, for instance, ”If you’re Hamlet, not much of anything. He’s got a big to-do list (and only five acts to complete it), but he just can’t figure out how to get himself moving. Honestly, we understand. It’s hard enough to make it through our to-do list, and our biggest item is “Laundry.” In comparison, Hamlet’s to-do list is epic. For starters, there are the obvious things: hang out with Dad’s ghost, feign madness, dump girlfriend, accuse Mom of treachery, plot the convoluted details of your elaborate revenge. Then, of course, there’s the big item: kill Uncle/Stepdad/King.” They also have other subjects and test prep available too.
  2. Bozeman Science- Are you struggling with science? Does the Krebs cycle make you want to cry? Check out Paul Anderson’s website. He has dozens of YouTube videos that explain science concepts in a really understandable way. Also has tons of teacher resources if you’re a teacher looking for some creative stuff. 
  3. Khan Academy- This is a pretty popular one already, but worth mentioning. Everything from 3rd grade math to computer programming. For free. 
  4. Prezi- Tired of PowerPoint slides and swishy transition noises? Try Prezi, it’ll make any presentation 10x cooler. And as a bonus your teacher (or your students) will think you’re a tech genius.
  5. Quizlet- Although the website is great, the iOS app lets you study on the go. A great hint is to search the name of your textbook and chapter number, if you’re studying for a vocabulary test. If you’re in a time crunch, using someone else’s cards, is a time-saver! Also check out StudyBlue which has similar features, with a few cool/helpful options. 
  6. OWL@Purdue- This is basically every English teacher’s favorite resource when it comes to citing things (and with good reason). It’s updated and searchable. And there are a bunch of samples and examples. 
  7. Get Buttoned Up- Is one of your New Years Resolutions to become more organized? While there are things you can purchase off the site, they have a ton of great printables available to help you toward a more orderly life!
  8. Rate My Professors- When you buy something online, what do you do? Hopefully look at some reviews. Just like anything, you’ll get a few Snarky McSnarksters in the ratings, but if you are someone that does not get a particular subject, no matter what you do, you should look out for professors comments that talk about their availability and clarity. Easiness is very subjective, so be careful when using this as a gauge. Oh, and don’t just sign up for their class because they have a chili pepper. 
  9. Course Hero- This is sort of a storage vault for course worksheets. While the likelihood of the handout you lost for class that’s due today being up on there is very small, you can probably find some helpful worksheets and information. 
  10. Lifehacker- Do you wish you were a bit better at life sometimes? I think everyone does. This website is chock full of tips, articles and how-tos that will streamline basically everything you may possibly need to know- from hacking your Ikea furniture to jailbreaking your iPhone




dark lord tiny leg





sailor moon crystal